Month: May 2010

Teaching Tips: Yoga for the Birds

Olivia’s Update, June 2010:

Sat Nam! Since our last writing on Olivia Bouler at the beginning of May, her amazing cause has already raised $80,000 and garnered her interviews with CSNBC and other news worthy press exposure.  So if an eleven-year-old can do this, what can we all do? This has got to be the most inspiring story of the year in kids!

See a lengthier interview at:

Yoga goes beyond class time.  Apart from yoga postures, having a yoga mind can mean taking care of one’s community.  So our yogini of the week is Olivia Bouler, an 11-year-old who would like to help clean up our environment and save our beautiful natural environment with an art for fundraising idea.  She will send you one of her beautiful bird drawings when you make a donation (and let her know you did!).  See more at Bouler Architecture’s Blog.

Become more appreciative of bird life by practicing some of yoga’s most well-known postures with your students while speaking about saving their habitat:   the challenging eagle pose, pigeon pose, crow pose and crane pose for intermediate and advanced yoga students.  All work on the hips so make sure you are warmed-up before going for it!  Beginner and young yogis can coordinate breathing with a movement of the arms to look like wings.  Sitting in easy pose, sit tall; inhale lift your arms up; exhale bring them back down.  Whistling is also fun and can be a nice and short classroom break.