Goodbye to Camp Addis

Back in NYC and school starts in one week!  Before that, here are some reflections on our work in Ethiopia.  Ann, our director, volunteered as an Arts Ranger for the WWO Academy in Addis Ababa.  Though the position was essentially dance-based, when the counselors found out that Ann knew yoga, “rest period” turned into beginning  yoga classes for the activity directors and hopefully some of this knowledge will find its way into their school year.

While in Addis, I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Jane Aronson, the founder of WorldWide Orphans.  Here’s what she said about her final visit to Camp Addis this summer.

Dr. Jane Aronson Ethiopia Journal #7

Last Day at Camp Addis, Friday, Jul 30

The final day of camp for the Service Ranger families was truly fabulous. The colorful lunch area/ performance center was filled with counselors and campers and each group performed their respective skits. The skits were all in Amharic and we understood a lot of the action because the gestures, dancing, and singing were universal. My sons were in a skit where they teach the Ethiopians about their dancing style in the US. Ben and Des danced well without any shyness….like they dance at home. Another skit with Jed and Caleb where they had pigtails in their hair and funny furry hats was again about Americans and Ethiopians meeting and trying to understand one another…very funny and cute.

Each camper group came up to perform and dance typical Ethiopian dance routines almost identical to the ones seen at some local restaurants. It is clear that dance and music play a central role in the education of children in Ethiopia, and I was proud that both the camp and academy are focused on global arts.

More on WWO in Ethiopia here.


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