Month: July 2011

Yoga for Healthy Sleep

When a teacher sleeps well, her/his ability to effectively teach is magnified. This weekend, Asana Alphabet’s director, Ann, will be teaching “Kundalini Yoga for a Healthy Sleep Cycle” at 3rd Street Yoga Studio in Edmond, OK; Friday, 7-9pm. Appropriately enough, one of our favorite yoga writers as well as one of best children’s yoga teachers, writes this week in the Examiner about this same subject.  I could write about it myself, but she does it so well, just click on her link here.  Apart from the tips MacKenzie Pause gives us in her article, the Kundalini Yoga tradition offers several breathing meditations as well as physical sets to help with a healthy sleep cycle, namely left nostril breathing and Shabd Kriya.  Note that these adult sets are NOT intended for children; however, if your child can sleep on her/his right side (and thus keep the left nostril open), this is one way the parasympathetic system can begin to calm down a young body for sleep. Sweet Dreams.

Easy Teen Yoga for the Classroom

model: Christiane from Canada

Many schools face budgetary cuts, and yoga, as well as other forms of physical education, are often the first to go.  Several teachers have emailed me who want to use a little bit of yoga in class as they already know that a little can go a long way.  Obviously, the attached video (click to your left)  is in the great outdoors; however, the sequence can be used simply standing alongside your desk, making it a very convenient and effective sequence to use as a break during long lectures!  Many other sequences are covered in our teen yoga intensives (as well as in Asana Alphabet’s basic series).  Email us for more info on them (our next one is in Miami, March 17-18 then in NYC, April 14-15, 2012):

Yoga Friendly School in the News

Asana Alphabet‘s teachers are proud of the students at Mott Haven Academy.  It’s nice to see this positive article (link below), which was recently published in the WSJ online, while much controversy has bubbled up about charter schools being an effective school model in NYC (or not).

“Even though their (the students’) world outside of school is falling apart, we want to keep their educational experience as consistent as possible,” the founder says.  One point I emphasize with new children’s yoga teachers is that your young students, particularly with at-risk youth, need you to be their consistent and reliable teacher as much as possible, rather than relying on frequent substitutes to keep their classes growing.

Happy Reading!!