Inspiration and Collaboration at Princeton Training

Ann and Santokh Rinpoche

One piece of teaching is that the teacher can always learn from their students and I find this to be true.  So I thought I’d honor some recent teachers of mine today.

Training others to teach children’s yoga has been such a great joy knowing that the teaching will be passed on to so many kids.  Selfishly, I always love connecting with these trainees and many of them are as experienced as myself and creating their own unique paths in the world of kids yoga.  This past fall in Princeton, I had the pleasure of working with Santokh Rinpoche of Happy Vibe Yoga who beautifully incorporates many styles of yoga into her classes and encourages her adult students to find their playful and child-like selves.  A fellow choreographer too, it was nice to see a parallel life being had near Doylestown, PA.

Karen La Du,, has a beautiful way of combining art, creativity and yoga for her students and is working on baking the yoga way as well.

I was also inspired by Ms. Kamen, A Spanish teacher at Princeton Day School (where I also teach) who clearly sees that her middle school students could really open up.  Her methods of incorporating Spanish language, storytelling and yoga are fun and engaging.  Ms. Griffin, who is a pre-k teacher also at PDS, demonstrates a true understanding of her students needs and how they learn through movement and April, also a Prek teacher, readily sees how classroom dynamics can be improved simply by adding in some quick yoga games to keep children’s attention.

With Gratitude! Ann



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