Thanksgiving Yoga Thoughts for Kids

This week, my elementary school yoga class had a Thanksgiving yoga party (imaginary food mind you, it was a yoga class) where we made apple pie with kurmasana and set the yoga table (table pose) with fancy chairs (chair pose).  We also invited our yoga animal friends like the cat, cow, cobra and downward dog.  The kids kept saying, “We forgot the turkey! We forgot the turkey!”  At first, I just ignored their shouts but as it wouldn’t stop I had to think of something.  I didn’t want to serve turkey at our yoga thanksgiving (yoga philosophy is in favor of going veg) so I asked them, “Why do you think we aren’t having turkey at this Thanksgiving?”  After about 5 seconds of thought, they all said that we’ve invited animals to the party so we shouldn’t serve another animal because that might scare them (no, I did not give them any hints!)  Is your heart a bit more open now?

A weight-loss show, Biggest Loser, is currently playing on the TV….the host just mentioned that Americans eat approximately 4500 calories at Thanksgiving with about 200 grams of fat.  Let’s watch what we feed (and how much we feed) our children, even if it is a special occasion.

I rounded out class with some abdominal exercises to help us feel better after eating so much and finished with a yoga dance party.  Hope this inspires some of you to be creative in your teachings.


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