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Upcoming Yoga for Children with Special Needs Workshop Info!

If you’re unfamiliar with press releases…here’s a great example on how to write one, along with info our workshop in Edmond, OK on teaching yoga to kids with special needs.

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News Release

 Date: Feb. 24, 2012

Contact: Sharla Bardin, Public Information Manager

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Direct Line: (405) 307-2804

Release Date: Immediate


Workshop to focus on teaching yoga to kids with disabilities

An upcoming workshop will focus on teaching yoga to kids with special needs, including how to adapt poses to accommodate a child’s ability level.

The workshop is from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. March 10 at 3rd Street Yoga Studio in Edmond.

Yoga teacher Ann Robideaux will lead the workshop and will be joined by guest instructor Angela Moorad, a children’s yoga instructor and a speech-language pathologist at the J.D. McCarty Center for children with developmental disabilities in Norman.

The workshop will include strategies for working with children with special needs, including those with autism, sensory issues and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Robideaux will also talk about adapting yoga poses and using safe techniques during sessions.

Robideaux is the director and founder of Asana Alphabet, based in New York City, that provides yoga teachings for youth and teacher training for qualified instructors.

Moorad leads a weekly therapeutic yoga group for inpatients at the McCarty Center. She also founded OMazing Kids Yoga LLC to promote inclusive yoga for kids and teens of all abilities in Oklahoma and shares yoga resources on her blog,

Moorad and Robideaux believe that yoga offers a variety of benefits for children.

Moorad said some kids in her yoga group at the McCarty Center have become more confident and willing to try new things. Others have improved their social skills and their ability to stay calm and focused.

Robideaux, an Oklahoma City native, has practiced yoga for almost 20 years and considers it “a safe, full-body exercise regime” for kids that increases their strength and flexibility.

“It is about improving oneself, rather than competing with others, which makes it a fabulous type of class about developing self-esteem,” Robideaux said. “It can also deepen the breath which, in turn, creates calmer thought patterns and, ideally, a stress-free mind.”

Robideaux has taught yoga to children with special needs for almost six years and has seen a positive response from the kids. She works with a large group of children with autism. Some begin the yoga program and are anxious about learning the poses but eventually they begin to look forward to the classes and know the poses from week to week.

Robideaux has also noticed that some of the kids she teaches who have physical disabilities gain a little more mobility through yoga and become more comfortable with their bodies.

She said her hope with the Edmond workshop is that it will give participants more confidence in their abilities and the motivation “to start trying something out” when it comes to offering yoga for kids with special needs

People interested in the workshop can register from now until March 10. The cost is $108 until March 1 and $125 for registration after March 1. To register, contact the 3rd Street Yoga Studio at 330-2211.

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For more information about OMazing Kids Yoga, visit

For more information about Asana Alphabet, visit



Yoga as Cross Training for Teen Sports

There are many avenues in which to introduce yoga into a school.  Often, the preschool and kindergarten classes want yoga as a regular part of their school week.  From there, afterschool programs are a good fit since many times the families pay for the program (rather than the school having to foot the bill).  Both health and PE programs also benefit from yoga. And now, we are helping to cross-train some high school teams in the spring.
Here are some basic yoga poses we’ll be using for the cross-country team at a local school soon.  Enjoy!
1.  Cat/Cow:
Version One: Hold your uttanasana/standing forward bend for some extra time.
Version Two: Hold downward facing dog for extra time.
Version Three: In forward bend, take left arm into air as you turn torso open towards the left (so an upper body spinal twist)..repeat on right.
3.  “Runner’s Lunge”; primarily to open hip flexors. Both sides.
4.  From “runner’s lunge”, bend back knee to straighten front leg. Both sides.  Hello Hamstrings!
5.  Triangle Pose/Trikonasana…for a nice leg stretch but also for core torso strength.
6.  Pigeon Pose or seated bodakonasana
7.  Legs up the wall pose…let weight and blood out of the feet.  Help reduce any swelling in ankles/knees and a nice relaxation, particularly before bed or post-running.
Teaching yoga to preteens and teens (middle school and high school) is alot of fun and you can readily see the benefits on the students.  Want to know more? Take an upcoming teen teacher training with us (Miami: March 17-18; NYC: April 14-15, 2012).