Month: July 2012

WIC Association: Step up to the plate

The WIC Association (which stands for Women, Infant, Children)  of NYS hosted one of the most inspiring and fun event honoring their staff of over 700 people last Friday, July 27th.  Certainly their staff deserves to be honored considering their contributions through out New York which include a wide variety of services such as promoting nutrition and physical activities for kids and families, clinics on breast feeding and presenting health fairs in local communities.  Asana Alphabet was honored to give a short yoga presentation to help participants de-stress and focus for their guest speaker…we’d like to express our deep gratitude for that. You can see how happy our staff member Dianne feels in the above photo!

Many people take Asana Alphabet’s training in kids’ yoga because they are looking for a career shift…something that will be joyful as work while also making a difference to the world.  Certainly working with children brings many rewards, and if this event by WIC is of any evidence of that, it may be just the most fun place to work in New York…apart from doing yoga, the staff got up to do the electric slide, were treated to a Bollywood dance session and found themselves spreading their wings like an eagle to an inspiring speech delivered by the amazing Reverend Dr. Yoreel C. Fraser Trumpet, who encouraged them to see that the universe is the limit (not just the sky) and to show your eagle spirit.  (See video!).  The organization not only seeks out to promote healthy communities but actually embodies it.


Connecting with our patients through exercise

Our first guest blogger, David Haas of the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, shares an article he wrote on how physical fitness and sports can help cancer patients.  I think the part on being involved in a community setting is particularly poignant.  Yoga class, apart from physical activity, can also provide a sangha, or a supportive community setting, where people can connect with one another.  Of course, yoga has also been used as preventative medicine for cancer and other ailments as well.  Enjoy!

Fun Sporting Activities Provide an Enjoyable Fitness Workout for Cancer Patients

Sports are a great way for people with cancer to get involved socially and to get the exercise that can help them to fight the disease.  Mesothelioma cancer, and any other cancer, can affect the body in severe ways. It is vital that people who are battling this disease try to get regular amounts of exercise on a weekly basis.

Medical researchers have proven repeatedly that when a person is able to incorporate exercise into his or her normal routine, the individual will have better circulation, stronger heart, and stronger muscles. Increased physical strength is often just the thing that many people who have cancer need in order to withstand long months of cancer treatments.

When a person makes a commitment to begin a new physical fitness routine, try mapping out a weekly schedule of fitness events or activities. Writing down the fitness times will help an individual to remain committed to the routine and also to be reminded of any physical fitness goals that are set.  

Including sports as a main activity may be ideal for many people who have cancer. Sports are an ideal way for people who are ill to socialize and connect with others. When a person is going through constant rounds of chemo or radiation, it can be easy to become depressed and listless. Getting in regular amounts of exercise and social activity will help to provide coping measures.

Physical sports played with family or friends can be a great way to laugh, let off steam, and get active. This can result in a much needed stress reliever, as well as resulting in increased amounts of energy from the physical exercise. Basketball, softball, volleyball, and tennis are fun and interactive activities that provide a great way to enjoy exercise.

Physical fitness routines, when monotonous, can quickly grow boring and the person may lose interest in activities quickly. Combining exercise with socialization helps to keep a person interested in getting active. This can lead to an increased quality of life and a healthier person who is able to face serious cancer treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

Other sporting events that can be fun to participate in for cancer patients, or people who are recovering from cancer, include running, rowing, golf, and bowling. Because every person is different, every single one of these activities may not appeal to the same person. However, people can choose a few sporting activities they enjoy the most and alternate participating in these sports as often as they like.

The President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports has comprehensive information on how to begin a solid fitness program. Data is also provided to help people with cancer to create a routine that they can slowly progress with and build upon.