Boost Creativity with Yoga

Next week at 3rd Street Yoga Studio in Edmond, OK I’ll be giving a series of workshops…one includes one of my favorite topics, “Enhancing Creativity through Yoga”.  We will be practicing a few meditations given by Yogi Bhajan from his book, “The Mind” that truly have a magical effect on the creative workings of the brain.  We’ll also take a creative savasana.  Creativity is not just for artists.  Anyone who has been a major success in history has had to be a creative thinker. Of course, keeping your “third eye open” helps the creative process too, which is something else we’ll be offering the same weekend. So please join us! All of the workshop information can be found at

I’m not the only yoga practitioner that loves the benefit on creativity that yoga can give you.  See more on the following links:

One of our former blog-posts on the topic:

A simple top 5:

Sarah Herrington


A more complex writing on the neuroscience of imagination and creativity:


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