Merry Yoga Christmas Activity


If your yoga studio or yoga in the school program is Christmas friendly, then the following ideas are great to use with The Night before Christmas. We like to read the poem while kids rest in savasana, then we do a stop and start version with the following pose/word match ups. Enjoy!  You can learn more about successfully integrating stories with yoga in an upcoming teacher training!  As always, we would still call the pose by the correct name…instead of saying “mouse pose”, you can say “child’s pose is like a small mouse”.  This will help to keep the yoga tied to its original roots.

House (triangle pose)
Mouse (child’s pose)
Chimney (o-shaped mouth breath…like blowing out smoke)
St Nicholas (warrior one giant step)
Wondering eyes (yoga eye rotations)
8 tiny reindeer (stick pose with antler like mudras at head)
A little old driver (sway from side to side)
Eagles (eagle pose)
House top (triangle)
Flew (warrior 3)
Belly was round (Hathaway camel pose)
Not a word (quiet mudra)
Aside his nose (alternate nostril breath)
Good night (savasana)



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