Questions on teaching kids yoga answered!

The director of Asana Alphabet receives an average of 10 emails or phone calls per month asking for advice on specific yoga for kids situations.  We’d thought we’d share a few as they come in!  From this morning:

Q: Tomorrow I am having my first class with to brothers age 6 and 11 and would love to ask for advice from you. I feel challenged teaching these two at the same time because of the age difference! What/how would you set up a class in a situation like this?

A:  In general, you’ll have to see what happens on day one because privates are so different…if these brothers get along well, then it shouldn’t be a problem.  If they do not get along, the parents may want to consider doing a half hour separately for each child (if you are there for an hour).

Since a lot of the regular games may be too childish for the 11 year old (but you never know…my middle schoolers do like a lot of those games), you’ll want to drop the songs/storytelling stuff.  Start with the regular sun salutations, time to see how long they can hold a balance on each foot for diagnosis.  I think bringing a ball along would be fun for the 6 year old as well as for 11…they can balance and toss the ball back and forth, pass it back and forth in navasana, hold a stretch and toss it back and forth…something they both will probably like.  If they get along, some partner yoga may work well too (especially down dog on down dog, double balances, double triangle, double plank).  After day one, you’ll probably have a good sense as to what they will enjoy together and be able to tailor accordingly.

Here’s our questioner’s experience after receiving advice:

Thank you so much! I used your suggestions and the kids were so happy and excited for 60min!


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