Business Tips from a Yogi: Starting up your kids yoga teaching practice

As with any field, creating a new business initially takes some ground work and, like a garden, constant watering.   Here is a basic list of things you can do to make sure you’re ready to interview:

–Make your resume; list any yoga training and teaching you have done in the past, even if it was as a volunteer.  If you don’t have experience as a kids yoga teacher, get some! Go volunteer, even if it’s just for your friend’s kids.

–Make business cards, website or however you want people to remember you.

–Tell your friends, family and colleagues that you are interested in teaching kids yoga. This includes posting on sites such as facebook and linked in.  NETWORK!

–Be vigilant about scanning want ads for kids yoga teachers.

–Approach local schools and introduce yourself..even if they don’t have a position open now, maybe they will in the future.

–Return emails and phone calls within 24 hours of an offer or inquiry regarding your teaching.  The early bird catches the worm.

–This article has some other good ideas:

Those teachers that are proactive, are often the ones who get the most work!

The don’ts and dos of teaching and ways of not impressing the boss:

A recent colleague said, “if you simply show up and be nice, you’ll start getting work.”  It is true that good business etiquette goes a long way to getting (and keeping) yoga jobs. The following may seem like no brainers, but they are actual scenarios that we have seen in the classroom:

–DON’T check your cell phone/text messages/twitter page etc while you are teaching.


–If you forgot to turn your phone off, DON’T answer your phone while teaching.

–Wear appropriate clothing.  Examples of inappropriate clothing at a school might include wearing jeans that show your underwear while demonstrating uttanasana or other yoga poses.

–A yoga teacher should embody the spirit of yoga. Most people would agree that a yoga teacher should be nice.  DON’T tell off another teacher or school administrator, even if you think they deserve it, and especially in front of kids.

–DON’T curse while teaching kids.  DON’T demean any child.

–DON’T tell your teenage students about the new love or lust of your life or that you used to love to drink alcohol in high school and college.

–Be on time for class.  On time means arriving to the class before your students do and being fully prepared.

–If you accidentally arrive late for a class one day, DO NOT do it on a regular basis.  (By the way, this is the number one reason we have seen teachers get dismissed from a position.)

–Come in with an awesome lesson plan with extra activities you can do if need be.

–DON’T come in without a lesson plan.  Kids want and need structure.  Only the most experienced teachers will probably feel comfortable (and good at) “winging it” or “just going with the flow”.

One big difference between the regular approach to business and growing a yoga-based business, is you can use the technology of yoga to ehance your business! You may not believe it, but you won’t know unless you try (and give it some positive intention). Chanting, and even listening to specific mantras can help boost your business.  The “har” prosperity of Kundalini Yoga and the following mantra are two examples you can use:

Other spiritual traditions place a bowl full of coins at the entrance to your home, a constant visual reminder that financial prosperity is not only within reach, it is already there!

A regular yoga and/or meditation practice will not only help you to control your classes, but will let you radiate the energy of a great teacher.

Frustration and negativity are deadly. When you are frustrated that you “just don’t have enough”, we recommend this meditation on gratitude. Click on link for full instructions:


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