Halloween Yoga Q and A

Lately we have received a lot of questions from trained kids yoga teachers so we’d like to share some responses in the coming weeks.  Here’s one on Halloween!

Teacher Question:  Do you have any ideas for Halloween inspired class? I am running a blank on this one.

Asana Alphabet Answers: Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Even if a school doesn’t celebrate Halloween (check before you create a full Halloween inspired class!), often kids come dressed up in favorite costumes and it’s so adorable. One of my favorites was visiting a parent/baby class where each child was dressed up as some sort of bug.

For all of the below, note that the Asana Alphabet style is to use the authentic name for a yoga pose; for instance, we wouldn’t say “witch pose” we’d say “warrior 3 like a witch on a broomstick”.

Here are some ideas for this Yoga Halloween for Kids:

Savasana “Mummy” Sit Ups: Lie down on your back and cross your arms over your chest. On the count of three try to sit up without using your hands!

Frankenstein Leg Lifts: These are Kundalini Yoga Style leg lifts. Lie down on your back with a tall spine like Frankenstein. Take one leg straight up to the ceiling as you breathe in, then let it down with an exhale. Now switch sides. Keep going 30 seconds!

Witches flying away on a warrior 3 broomstick

Giant monster warrior 1 and warrior 2 steps

Owl breath work: Take a long “hooooooot”

Wolf breath work: Howl like a wolf

Standing forward bend to grab a pumpkin.

Handstand like an upside down bat

If you’ve taken an Asana Alphabet™ training before, then you’ll know about making a “witches brew” (soup breath activity). If you haven’t taken a training, consider signing up!

Half moon and crescent moon poses

Say thank you for all the treats you received!  Happy Halloween!


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