NJEA 2014: Strike a Pose!

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Thanks for joining us at the NJEA conference in Atlantic City. Truly, the best way to do kids yoga in the classroom is to practice teaching it. Don’t worry if your first try isn’t perfect. Yoga is a great way to give kids a mental and physical break while still enhancing the learning process. We would love to hear about the positive results you experience!

 Our contact information for your reference:

Ann Robideaux                                                         Sue Tobert

Founder/Director of Asana Alphabet™ Yoga             stobert@hamilton.k12.nj.us



Why we love yoga in the words of our students:

“It’s very fun and makes your strength a lot.” -John

 “You get to stretch and do stuff you never did before.”-Jason

“Yoga is kinda like stretching and has helped me in my balance. It’s so fun!”-Rachel

“Yoga is…moves and movement.”-Afriyie

“In yoga you exercise and there are a lot of fun things to do.”-Kailey

“It’s relaxing and worth giving up recess.”-Ashley

 We sang some yoga songs today! Kids yoga music downloads are available at AsanaAlphabet.Bandcamp.com. We mostly recommend “Asana Alphabet’s Yoga Songs for Kids” located in the right hand column for elementary school teachers.

How Does Yoga Benefit Kids Physically?

  • Increases physical strength and flexibility
  • Cultivates body awareness
  • Develops coordination
  • Improves overall health

How Does Yoga Benefit Kids Academically?

  • Improves concentration & attention
  • Helps kinesthetic learners
  • Improves integration of sensory input

How Does Yoga Benefit Kids Socially?

  • Tree Pose in a circle

    Tree Pose in a circle

    Builds confidence & self-esteem

  • Fosters relationships with peers
  • Promotes teamwork and respect for others

What is a Kid’s Yoga Program?

  • Pranayama—breathing exercises
  • Asanas—poses
  • Mudras—hand gestures that communicate with the brain
  • Mantra—singing and giving ourselves positive
  • Savasana—relaxation
  • Savasana at School

How Can Teachers Incorporate Yoga?

  • Story time
  • Transition time/Breaks
  • Indoor/Outdoor recess
  • Free time
  • Curriculum

Can Everyone Do Yoga?

  • Yes!
  • Yoga is a fun and constructive activity that kids of all ages and abilities can enjoy and benefit from.

Easy Classroom Yoga Poses: We recommend these because they can be done next to a desk if need be!

 Mountain Arms Up

model: Christiane from Canada


chair pose girl

Forward Bend

forward bend boy

Warrior II




Triangle pose with middle school students

Triangle pose with middle school students

Downward Dog

theater dogs

Squat/Easy Crow

crow squat 2

Tree Pose

rosa candela tree pose

Childs Pose: the miracle calming, relaxing and quieting pose!

teen child's pose

Simple Routine #1

  • Mountain
  • Mountain Arms Up
  • Forward Bend
  • Mountain Arms Up
  • Mountain

Simple Routine #2

  • Mountain
  • Mountain Arms Up
  • Forward Bend
  • Mountain Arms Up
  • Mountain
  • Tree Pose

Simple Routine #3

  • Mountain
  • Mountain Arms Up
  • Forward Bend
  • Squat/Easy Crow
  • Chair Pose
  • Mountain Arms Up
  • Mountain

Simple Relaxing Activities

Hold a musical instrument like a bell. Walk from one end of the room to the other or pass it from person to person around a circle without making a sound.

Have your students close their eyes. Students are asked to mentally count the number of times they hear the sound of a bell (or other relaxing tone). Once eyes are open, students can say how many of the tones they heard and see how close they got to getting the right answer.

Additional Resources

Yogarilla 55 Yoga Cards by Kimberly Mielke       Yoga Journal (www.yogajournal.com)

Children’s Book of Yoga by Thia Luby                 Omazing Kids (www.omazingllc.com)

Yogi and Yogette Learn the Asana Alphabet by Ann Robideaux

Asana Alphabet Yoga Songs for Kids (song download; look in right hand column of page

While qualitative research definitely indicates that yoga is a positive class at many levels, research is still out on more quantitative data.  Please click on the links for more in-depth readings:

Hawn Foundation Research

Yoga Australia Research

Promotions by Physical Therapists


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