Yoga meets Kids’ Architecture

How can a book festival inspire a kids’ yoga teacher? Today I (Ann, the founder of Asana Alphabet) had an inspiring time at the Brooklyn Book Festival where I visited Isabel Hill’s talk on how she went from idea to page in the creation of her children’s book, “Urban Animals” (click on title for purchasing info).  This is a fun and creative book which meld rhyme, architecture, animals and photography into one smashing book!

Urban Animals By Isabel Hill

As a creator of programs for teaching children’s yoga, I am always looking for ways to bridge kids yoga with other aspects of our world and I feel that creative and educational lesson planning comes down to that.  It would be an easy and effective lesson plan for prek and kinder classes to do a vinyasa of downward dog pose, cow pose, alligator/crocodile and other animals featured in “Urban Animals” and then follow it up with a reading of this story during savasana/relaxation time.  I think I will try it out soon with my freshly autographed book! If you have come across other non-yoga children books that could help to lead a kids yoga class, please do make a suggestion by posting or emailing me at!