Month: May 2011

Greenpoint, Brooklyn Graduate begins new class

Asana Alphabet is sending out a big congrats to our latest graduate Nicole who has started a successful donation-based yoga class for kids on Saturdays in Greenpoint.  It is true—those trainees who have a strong intention find themselves with great classes directly after certification! Click on the above link to find out more!

Join us at Summer Solstice in Times Square: June 21st

Asana Alphabet is very happy to be a promoter of Solstice in Times Square on Tuesday, June 21.  This is a beautiful day where you get the rare opportunity to do yoga in one of world’s hottest spots.  A perfect event for teachers to celebrate the end of another successful school year. Come together to send out a message of peace in the midst of chaos.  To attend the free events, sign up via their web page.  Asana Alphabet yoginis will be going to the evening class so we hope to see you there! AND a special offer from us will be in the goodie bag handed out the day of only to participants! Enjoy!

Summer Yoga for Kids

Summer is a great time to hone your yoga skills and establish good habits before the school year begins.  There are lots of summer yoga options in NYC and NJ for kids…and those without programs can consider bringing a teacher to them.  Allison Richard gives us a nice and complete article of city options here.

If you don’t take yoga but you want to take advantage of its many benefits, consider teaching your family Sitali Pranayam breath….the breath will cool you down in as little as a minute on a sweltering summer day.  Make an “O” shaped mouth, if you can, curl your tongue like a straw (it’s a genetic thing).  Inhale through your mouth and exhale through your nose.  It may look funny, but it works!