Month: August 2016

Basic Yoga Poses for P.E. Teachers

Our founder is really looking forward to working with PE teachers from the Chatham School district in New Jersey tomorrow.  Here are most if not all of the poses we will go over in detail.  We like Yoga Journal’s pose dictionary because it gives contraindications and very clear pictures. Enjoy

If you don’t see a particular pose below, check out the general Yoga Journal dictionary here:

Mountain Pose:

Easy Pose:

Boat Pose:

Cat Pose:

Chair Pose:

Child’s Pose:

Cobra Pose:


Cow Pose:

Downward Dog:

Eagle Pose:

Plank Pose:

Standing Forward Bend:

Tree Pose:

Staff Pose:

Warrior 1:

Warrior 2:

Warrior 3:



Beautiful Baby and Terrific Toddlers Workshop in NYC!

Come join Asana Alphabet founder and director in this crash course for teaching yoga to the youngest humans! For teachers, yoga teachers, parents and others who want to use the benefit of yoga for children.
Saturday, Sep. 24th, 12-5:15pm
Sign up by Sep. 15th: $95; After Sep. 15th: $108

Good for Yoga Alliance credit
Baby Development
BabyYoga Techniques
Toddler Yoga Techniques
Family Yoga
Yoga Songs
Yoga Storytime
Lessons Plans for kids
age 0-3
Come join us! Questions/registration:

Help wanted: kids yoga

The school year is only a few weeks away on the east coast (and has already started in some other U.S. Locations). NOW is the time to start looking for those kids yoga jobs. Asana Alphabet‘s short list of recommendations:

–Tell your social network what type of work you are looking for…write a friendly yet professional email attaching your resume to personal contacts, post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc
–Check job posting websites DAILY. The early bird catches the worm. While you can search for “yoga jobs”, you may also be able to find interesting job matches through other terms like “children”, “kids”, “Afterschool”, etc.
–Can you create a job where you already have a connection? Maybe you have been a school teacher but you can add on through your school’s Afterschool program for instance.
–How can you diversify? It’s not like there are tons of full time kids yoga jobs everywhere (nearly all kids yoga teachers we know are freelancers teaching in many places). Asana Alphabet’s founder began by teaching gymnastics and dance while introducing kids yoga to those same schools (and even worked extra during snack time and could sub Spanish language classes every now and then).
–Where is your niche? In cities that are saturated with certified yoga teachers, what sets you apart? Several Asana Alphabet teachers have made their way in NYC by promoting themselves as a kids yoga teacher specializing in students who speak a foreign language (like our Russian speaking teachers in South Brooklyn). Many of our graduates are also dancers so they’ve approached dance studios about integrating yoga into their curriculum.
–Are there related businesses that could help you gain more contacts for your ultimate end of teaching kids yoga? Lululemon and selling clothes may not be your ultimate dream but perhaps meeting the yoga teachers who work and shop there could be helpful contacts.

These are all just simple business ideas. If you are practicing a truthful path of yoga, you can have faith that your efforts and positive thoughts will come to fruition. For prosperity, we recommend the Meditation for Prosperity from Kundalini Yoga (chanting har while hitting sides of the hands together like a bowl, then flip palms over and hit the index fingers sides of the hands together. Start with 3 minutes daily and be careful what you wish for because it’s very powerful!).

Not having enough income through meaningful work can be stressful, so we also recommend kundalini yoga sets for anxiety and meditation for gurprasad.

Boost your skills. For those of you who got certified in kids yoga with Asana Alphabet, all qualified graduates can opt to enter our job bank in NY or gain referrals in other geographic locations. Our next basic training in NYC is Nov 19-20 or become a specialist in yoga for babies this coming September 24th. More at