About Asana

Asana Alphabet aims to provide high-quality yoga teachings for youth of all ages.  Whether sending a yoga teacher to a weekly kindergarten class, training a school teacher to integrate yoga into the classroom,  or creating curricula that meets high educational standards, each program has been test-tried to ensure both learning and fun while integrating the mind and body through effective yoga techniques.  Since its founding in 2004, Asana Alphabet has donated over 500 volunteer yoga classes, 300 yoga mats and awarded teacher training scholarships to underfunded public schools.

Ann Robideaux, founder and creator, has been teaching dance, yoga, theater and other movement forms to people of all ages since 1994.  Currently a dance artist-in-residence at Princeton Day School, her yoga and dance programs have been implemented and taught in both public and private schools through out NYC, Beth Israel Medical Center for Health and Healing, health clubs, bilingual programs (Spanish), yoga and dance festivals/conferences and other community places.  She is certified in Kundalini  Yoga, Yoga for Pregnancy, Thai Yoga Massage, holds an MFA in dance and a BS in psychology.  She also creates dances in interesting places:  www.annandalexxmakedances.com

Asana Alphabet teachers are all youth-yoga certified with ample experience in this field working with both the science of yoga and mind-body studies as well as experience with youth.

Proceeds from sales of Asana Alphabet products go towards bringing yoga classes into underfunded educational programs for youth.

Contact Asana Alphabet to sign up for upcoming teacher training workshop or to discuss possibility of bringing our most hands-on kids yoga teacher training program in New York City in to your school or organization.