Happy New Year! Yoga Accomplishments

Taking a child's pose break during an Asana Alphabet basic teacher training.

Taking a child’s pose break during an Asana Alphabet basic teacher training.

It’s nice to use the holidays as inspiration for reflection  When you get involved with everyday, possibly seemingly  mundane activities, it can seem like your not accomplishing anything, yet when given the bigger picture, the results may be enough to fuel your soul. On the level of asana (yoga poses), it may be that you feel a little progress but then you may recall that now you can touch your toes in uttanasana and you don’t even remember when you made that transition.

For those of you who do not keep up with Asana Alphabet (www.AsanaAlphabet.com)  on a regular basis, this is an opportunity to get to know us better and perhaps be inspired to get involved.  Here’s our year in review:
–Our founder traveled to Cambodia where she taught students in the Cambodia Living Arts program (http://www.marioninstitute.org/cambodianlivingarts).  What’s so wonderful about teaching yoga and movement is that you don’t always need to know someone else’s language in order to teach as the body shape and the resulting benefits are universal. We highly recommend getting to know this group if you travel to Siem Reap or Phenom Phen. Rumor has it they may tour the U.S. sometime soon and we certainly hope so.
–Our fabulous intern -turned marketing consultant -turned kids yoga teacher was a wonderful find this year.  She not only volunteers her kids yoga classes at one of our favorite Lower East Side schools early in the morning before school stars, she also introduced us to WIC (more at http://www.health.ny.gov/prevention/nutrition/wic/) where we attended their annual benefit and gave a free yoga class for their staff.  If you’ve never heard of the WIC before, it’s worth checking them out.  Our wonderful trainee Dianne at the WIC event
–We gave our first trainings at Jaya Yoga in Brooklyn (thanks Kenzie), Kula Heart Yoga in Nazareth, PA (thanks Rachael and Silver) and at Synergy Yoga in Miami (thanks Victoria)!
–We were also selected to give a workshop at the NJEA conference in Atlantic City (Thanks Sue!).  Due to Hurricane Sandy, this conference was cancelled but we will cross our fingers to be a part of next year’s conference.

–Congratulations is in order for our Brooklyn based teacher Sarah.  Sarah is one of our best baby and toddler yoga teachers. Sad for us but happy for her that she has been appointed the Executive Director of the Earth Dance Festival (www.earthdance.org) so she will be moving to MA  I’m sure we will miss her so much that we will have to go on retreat and visit her.

–After several workshops at Third Street Yoga in Edmond and practicum this year, we certified our first kids yoga teacher in Oklahoma.  Diana teaches yoga to kids in public parks in Norman (when the weather is nice) and teaches in local area schools. She’s also bilingual and comes with prior experience working in a Montessori school so this is one highly qualified and wonderful kids yoga teacher!

Asana Alphabet Certified Teacher Diana teaches yoga for kids in Oklahoma

Asana Alphabet Certified Teacher Diana teaches yoga for kids in Oklahoma

–Two students received full work-study scholarships for their Asana Alphabet Teacher Trainings.

–We donated 50 yoga mats to a new kids yoga program in the Bronx.

–The rest of our profits went to helping victims of Hurricane Sandy.  Though that’s not directly related to teaching yoga to children, we reached deeper into the meaning of Ek Ong Kar, everything is one thing, everything is connected, and decided that donations were needed most there for our side of the U.S.

And now…..what are the New Year’s Resolutions going to be?  Feel free to share your yoga and community volunteering resolutions with us.

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